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Bernardo offers support students in Elementary and High School who are:

  • Attending school.

  • Following an online program.

  • Homeschooling.


Some students need a bit of extra help at home to stay on target and to reach IPP goals.


Beyond the help they might need with math or reading, Bernardo assist students in different ways, for example:  

  • Adapting content to suit every level of  abilities and skills.

  • Creating routines and keep them running smoothly.​

  • Managing time efficiently around homework and extra curricular activities.

  • Kickstart special projects and complete them on time.

  • Keeping all  material organized:  folders, bags, laptops.

A particular approach to Tutoring and Learning Support
Beyond academic gaps

Bernardo puts a major focus on the development of organizational skills.


He keeps his students engaged and committed because he starts by putting their particular strengths into work while respecting and embracing their personal learning preferences. 


He also works closely with parents in order to keep consistency and maintain students motivation.


In one-to-one sessions (in-person or online) and in small groups students have the chance to develop different skills, complete assignments and close academic gaps.  Some of the skills they will work on are:

  • Planning and prioritizing. 

  • Developing a custom-made schedule/planner AND keeping track of it.

  • Keeping all learning material organized (digital and physical).

  • Research skills. 

  • Study methods.

  • Effective and appropriate communication with teachers. 

  • Self advocacy.


As students develop these skills they are able to:

  • Stay motivated.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety associated to school.

  • Complete activities and assignment in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Get better prepared for evaluations.

  • Find a good balance between homework time and extra curricular activities.

  • Gain independence.

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